I want to be the very best
Like no one ever was
Filipino Canadian self-taught artist striving to be the number one Pokemon Master. Can I say that?

Note: Please do not repost any of the pictures I upload onto here as your own or without credit. It's dissapointing when I see that kinda stuff =/.

On that note, gotta draw 'em all!

Whats Bugging You?

Well I know for me… my right elbow has been fudged up for the past week or so. I’ve gotten an x-ray, which came back inconclusive, so I went to another doctor to get it checked out, and turns out I’ve gotten something many tennis players get, hence the term “Tennis Elbow”, basically just a build up of calcium deposits… I think from my sword fighting/larping. Or maybe, hours upon hours of drawing / painting?

Anyways, I’ve released the four recent BUGs for your amusement!

Scyther Prints

Venonat Prints

Weedle Prints

Caterpie Prints

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